What is a Live Casino?

live casino

In a live casino, you can actually talk to a real human dealer and place a wager. This might sound like a far-fetched idea but many people have taken the plunge online for a variety of reasons. While some players enjoy the glitz and glamour of a Las Vegas casino, others have simply opted for the convenience of playing from home.

Essentially, a live casino is a virtual version of a brick and mortar casino. This is done by utilizing a special software suite and a real-time video link to the croupier. Depending on the operator, the experience will vary. Some live casinos offer only one or two games while others offer more, such as blackjack or poker.

A live casino also allows you to interact with other players. In some cases, you can even chat with the croupier. In other cases, you can have a quick question answered with a chat box. Some providers allow you to bet as little as $5 while others let you make larger wagers.

The most important component of a live casino is the Game Control Unit, or GC unit, which is smaller than a shoebox. The GC unit handles broadcasting the video, encoding it, and assisting the croupier in running the game. In addition to the GC unit, a number of other equipments are used to achieve the live casino experience. Some include a wheel and a camera.

A live casino also uses a’real’ Roulette wheel. This is not just any Roulette wheel though, it’s a’real’ Roulette wheel with built-in sensors that allow it to spin and stop. The wheel is made to look realistic.

The GC unit may also be accompanied by a real ‘live’ croupier. The dealer will work in shifts. In the aforementioned roulette game, the croupier might spin the wheel, while in the casino’s other room, the croupier might handle other items on the gaming floor. The aforementioned roulette game is the most common form of game played in a live casino.

Several other things are involved in the live casino experience, including the Game Control Unit and the analyst room. These rooms are usually fitted with a few cameras and a few other electronic gadgets. They are designed to give the player the best possible experience.

While there are plenty of options out there, choosing the best live casino will be a difficult task. You have to consider the platform, the software, the hardware, and the most notable live game. The software should be safe and secure, while the aforementioned GC unit is a must have for any serious gambler. You should also be careful to opt for a credible live casino that has a regulator and an auditor.

The best part about a live casino is that you can play at your convenience. Some live casinos provide a mobile phone application so you can enjoy the experience no matter where you are. You can also play games such as bingo, poker and slots in a virtual setting. This is great news for players who cannot get to their local casinos. In fact, some casinos have even begun offering live games via TV channel. The live casino industry is still in its infancy, but as more and more players become familiar with the experience, it is a sure bet that it will continue to grow.