Origins of Domino

The game of domino is a family of tile-based games. The tiles are rectangular, with two square ends that are marked with a number of spots. The object of the game is to stack them to make the highest stack possible. The player who makes more stacks wins. The game is a quick and simple one.


Origins of domino are difficult to trace but there are many theories. Many believe the game came from China, but there are also theories that the game originated in the Arabian Peninsula or in Egypt. Eventually, it spread to Europe and North America. There are even some stories of Inuit people playing a game similar to Domino with bone-like objects. The European version of the game is the easiest to learn, but there are other variations of the game as well.

Origins in China

The origins of the domino game can be traced back to ancient China, albeit in different ways. It is said that the first dominos were invented in the year 1120 CE. According to the Chu sz yam (Investigations on the Traditions of All Things), they were presented to the emperor Hui Tsung in 1127 CE and were circulated throughout China by imperial order during the reign of Kao-Tsung (1127-1163 CE).

Origins in France

The origins of the domino are not entirely clear. It is most likely derived from the Latin word dominus. Later, the word evolved into the English dominie and French domino. Originally, the word domino meant a black-and-white hood worn by a priest during the winter. Later, the word was used to refer to a hooded masquerade costume.

Origins in Europe

The origins of the domino game are still uncertain. There is some evidence that the game originated in China in the 12th century. Other theories place its origins in the Arabian and Egyptian regions. It became popular in Europe around the late 18th century. During this period, it spread throughout Europe and became one of the most popular games in pubs and family parlors.

Origins in the West

The game of dominoes first appeared in the western world in the 18th century, most likely in Italy. It later spread throughout Europe, England, and America. In the UK, it became popular in drinking taverns and traditional inns.

Rules of the game

The game of domino is played with dominoes that are placed in a specific way. Each player takes a turn turning over two tiles at a time. If the tiles add up to twelve, a player keeps the tile; if they don’t, they turn it back. They then put the tiles back in the same spot.